Vision Forward Group Coaching

The Vision Forward program has been created just for you! Our fast-paced, interactive group coaching program will provide you the network, community, and accountability partners to get your hard things done. We will focus on a new topic each month-Clarity, Effectiveness, Growth, Selling, and Leadership. Allowing you to apply each discipline to your business as we go. We use proven materials and methods that have helped thousands of clients just like you

What Is It?

Welcome to Group coaching! Where you learn not only from FocalPoint Certified Business Coaches but from each other as well. Each month you will cover a new essential area of your business. Allowing you to apply learnings immediately! This program is specifically tailored for: Home Based Business, Franchisees, Small Professional Services Firms, Solo-Preneur, and Gig Economy Professionals.

What It Does For You.

You will create time for You to work on your business. Focusing on critical areas for success Clarity, Effectiveness, Growth, Sales, and Leadership! You learn and share experiences in a safe environment. This group becomes your accountability team to help each other achieve their objectives! Creating profit, growth, better team dynamics, and providing you with the tools and techniques that allow you to do what it is you love to do!

What's It Include?

Each group member will receive a DISC assessment, world-class learning materials, and application exercises with proven results by FocalPoint clients. You will work under professional confidentiality standards, allow each member to feel safe about their stories and learnings. We will provide beverages and snack at each meeting, to allow you to start or finish your day.

How You Use It?

Each month we meet twice to cover specific topics in 5 key areas of business success. You will be given 1-3 learning modules and specific application exercises that you are expected to complete and return prior to each meeting. From there we discuss and work through specific issues and work together as a team to help each other get the hard things done! Together we can accomplish more than as one!