The Circle of Life-Finding the Right Candidates

Companies spend too much time and money trying to find the right person to fill a role. Hiring managers typically are looking for the person with the “IT” factor. They feel they know what the job requirements are, as the person leaving either did or did not have them.

Assume the position is open because the person is being promoted or left for another firm. This departing employee is/was a “future star.” Self-directed needed little supervision and just needed the occasional conversation with you to make sure you were on the same path. No surprises.

You know the job description in HR is 20% accurate. What do you do? Ask the departing employee to rewrite the description? Ask others in the area to revise it? Ask HR to do a benchmark to industry and amend it?

Here’s the “Catch 22”. If you rewrite the position to the actual work completed, the position value will be 1-2 pay grades above your budget, if you don’t rewrite it will you get the right candidates to apply? The firm is growing taking a step backward in talent and time to train is hardly appealing. Any of this sound familiar to you?

Doing the right things are not always easy or popular. Likely all of the teams’ job descriptions are in the disrepair. Take this opportunity to take your team to the next level and set the pace for the organization. What are you going to do?

Here are three options:

One option: engage your existing team. Take a day with the team to an offsite location. The local library, coffee house, park pavilion and get them away from the office. Ask them for their help. You are looking to them to help define the results each of the roles are expected to deliver, the skills required to produce those results, and what are the key behaviors and motivators to be successful in each role.

As you go through this process, you will be shocked at what your team is doing every day. Do not be surprised if the results identified do not align with the organization's goals. During this event, the team will determine the gaps for success and generate accountability for results and behaviors. The process will bring many of the under the table issues in the open, and you as the leader can now address.

You will need to be very honest with yourself. Are YOU capable of facilitating this activity, or will the team be better served to have someone from HR, another group, or a Certified Business Coach facilitate to get the open dialog?

The second option: is to “Coach, Survey, and Test” your way through the process.

Find a Certified Business Coach with the tools to walk each member through the various exercises to define the job results, skills, and attitudes needed for success in each role.

Have the coach use different assessment tools to identify the Job-Workplace Motivators and DISC Behavior Styles for each role. You now have a data driven benchmark for your positions.

As selected candidates in the hiring process take the assessments, compare those results to the behaviors and motivators benchmarked for the role. If the behaviors, motivators, skills, and attitudes align with the bench mark, we have a high probability of success.

The third option: do what everyone else has done, kick the can down the road and hope for the best.

The choice is yours, which will you choose?


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